Free iPad drawing. Are you in?

I'm baffled. We're giving away an Apple iPad and hardly anyone is registering to win it! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!!!!

The odds are really low (100 entries as of July 1st), so check out this page on the TOUCH site to see how to register for it so you can have a chance to win it!


David said...

"Drawing Details:
No purchase necessary, and purchasing an ebook does not increase your chances to win. Enclose the card in an envelope and send it to: Apple iPad Drawing, TOUCH Publications, PO Box 7847, Houston, Texas 77270."

I think I have discovered WHY you do not have very many people signed up. It is because the ADDRESS is INCORRECT! I am holding in my hands at this moment a returned entry form with a label from the USPS that reads "Return to sender - not deliverable as addressed - unable to forward" with that EXACT address.

So it appears the ONLY way to enter this contest is by purchasing something.

Randall Neighbour said...

David, just because our wonderful Post Office returned your entry doesn't mean the address was bad.

We get entries through the mail most every day now with this same address.

Resend it. There's still time to enter and win and you do not need to purchase anything.