Oh happy day!

I was so busy doing the dance of joy that I totally forgot to blog about the fact that Small Group Vital Signs is now available!

Check it out: http://www.touchusa.org/resources/small-group-vital-signs.asp

This is a wonderful book. I thoroughly enjoyed editing it and working with the author, Michael Mack.

You cell church guys and gals should not dismiss it because the title has "small group" instead of "cell group" in it. This book is perfectly suited for cell group leaders and it has Uncle Ralph's official stamp of approval on it for your use!



James Bell said...

Randall, I know this may seem trivial, but are there really still people who would resent the title, Small Groups, because they prefer "Cell Groups"? Really? I would think they would be so narrow-minded that if they fell on a pin it would put out both eyes...:)

Randall Neighbour said...

Believe it or not, James, I can think of at least two or three pastors who refuse to read or use ANYTHING that says "small group" instead of "cell group" on it.

It makes me very sad, by the way, and I've had numerous conversations with them about it and they're completely stuck with the 80s and 90s mindset that there is a heaven and earth difference between a cell group and a small group.

What they refuse to admit or accept is that the small group movement in the West has grown and matured and many, many churches want their small groups to be the main missional and ministry thrust of their congregations and they see the small group theologically as a church, not a supportive program... they just don't like the term "cell" for its use with prisons, terrorists, and if you're old enough communism (McCarthyism).

Tom Bougher said...

We'd all like a you tube video of the happy dance.

Randall Neighbour said...

I bet you would!