God's love is far more powerful than we can imagine

During my time with the Lord this morning it occurred to me that the Father surely mourned the loss of Lucifer and the angels cast out of heaven before the earth was created.

Lucifer was, after all, one of God's creations and it would not please any creator to destroy something he created, and created so beautifully.

How about Satan's future? One would think that seeing Satan thrown into the lake of fire after all the heartache and separation he's caused would evoke a celebration like the Wizard of Oz with shouts of "The witch is dead!" I'm sure we will all be glad that God has eliminated evil from the new earth coming sooner or later, but I cannot fathom he will be excited about destroying Satan, even though his love for Man far surpasses his love for his other creations.

That's just how much unconditional love the Father has within his nature. Just as Jesus washed the feet of Judas and did not retaliate against his accusers and even the Roman soldiers who drove spikes into his wrists and feet and hung him on a cross to die a slow painful death.


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Unknown said...

Wow! I never really considered this before. But I see it too. I just thought of something else as well. Since Satan and a third of the angels God created rebelled -- and this happened before God created the world and mankind -- it was surely no surprise to God that mankind also rebelled, as Satan enticed them to do.

It's interesting that I'm reading several pots today from different people about the reality of the warfare we're in. I've been sensing it very close to home, myself, and am so thankful for our Father's unconditional love and sovereignty. He's got it under his control!