Prayer for Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Before you click away from this page, please stop and pray for people of the Ivory Coast and Dion Robert's church members in the in particular (Eglise Protstante Oeuvres et Missions Internationales).

Reports have just been received that armed troops directed by the new President (Ouattara) were sent to the church building to attack it because it it currently being used as shelter for 2,500 believers who are considered to be enemies of the state because of their friendship with and prayers for the outgoing president. (It's widely known that Ouattara rigged the election and won by intimidating voters at many polling stations.)

During the attack, the church offices were ransacked and anything that could be carried out (computers, telephones, cell phones, etc.) was stolen. The UN funded clinic the church runs was also raided and medical supplies, and medicine was stolen.

The church also has an institution for the blind and 54 young people were taken away by force according to the pastor.

Pastor Dion has received death threats and information on attempts to kidnap him. He is currently in hiding. The pastors reporting all this said they fear for his life.

Friends, it's time to intercede for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Ivory Coast. These are dangerous days for them and due to a near complete lack of media coverage no one knows about what is happening there. Get the word out. Copy and paste this into your own blog or FB page and tweet about it too. If the mainstream media won't let the world know what's happening to our friends and spiritual family in Abidjan, we can do a better job through social media.


Shanda said...

I will be praying and keeping up with the news. The people of Ivory Coast have had so many years of unrest.
My husband worked for Chiquita and we were almost posted there in 1998 but the company decided it was too unsafe and they put their people in Guana.
This is heartbreaking...another instance of the persecuted church.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Unknown said...

My wife and I have both been to Pastor Dion's church and we will be praying Pastor Dion, his church, and Cote d'Ivorie.
Pastor Roger in Wyoming