Noun vs. Verb Leaders. Which kind do you have?

Saturday, I enjoyed listening to one of my mentors, Bill Beckham. Every time he speaks to a group, the Lord has given him yet another creative way to explain just how different a transition to holistic small groups is compared to the implementation of another traditional and supportive church program. Bill showed a powerpoint slide that was titled "Noun vs. Verb Leaders" and went on to say that the people a pastor raises up to lead groups must understand their role is a DOING role, not a BEING role so often found in church life.

Reminds me of a church I visited many years ago. The deacons served communion once a month and griped about this and that ad nauseum in deacon's meetings with a little decision making thrown in for good measure, but did nothing to serve the body. These men defined their leadership role with a noun, not a verb.

So what kind of small group or cell group leaders do you have? Noun or Verb leaders?


Benjer McVeigh said...

True. We also have to remember as pastors that we need to be verb pastors and not noun pastors. Thanks for the insight!

Dan Benson said...

Definitely noun.