MissioRelate - What I'm reading

I've just begun Scott Boren's next book, MissioRelate: Leading your church into missional small group life, which has a tentative release date of February, 2011. I've been given the privilege of doing the line edit on it and making it available through TOUCH Publications. Since Scott published The Relational Way with TOUCH, he's published other books with a much larger publisher on the missional church and the missional small group. I'm thrilled he's come back to work with us on this endeavor.

While I've only worked through the introduction and the first chapter from the final manuscript, I'm pleased to say that what I've read thus far does an excellent job of keeping all the cookies on the lower shelf and it's very well written. I'm anxious to finish the book and provide additional reports prior to its release.

Keep an eye on my blog and I'll give you nuggets of gold as I move through the book (with Scott's permission, of course).

BTW - This isn't the only new book TOUCH is working on at the moment. Michael Mack is currently writing a book for group leaders and members tentatively titled, The Seven Hallmarks of a Healthy Small Group. I'll blog more about the content of that manuscript as I dig into it in January. The outline he sent me a few weeks ago is powerful and very practical.

2011 is going to be a very exciting year for TOUCH Outreach Ministries.

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