R&D Question for you...

I've been chewing on an idea for my next personal project for small group ministries, and I think I'm going to create a small group coach's journal... but I would love your input concerning interest (Yes, I'd buy it for my coaches/No, I don't think it would be worth purchasing) and what you'd want to see in it if you would be interested.

My thoughts are to create pages...

1. For each group leader the coach supports, providing a space to write:
a. Prayer requests shared by leader.
b. Areas of growth that the leaders have stated they want to work on.

2. For each group, providing space to write:
a. The group's stated vision/mission/goals.
b. The names of all the group members and information about their willingness to lead a new group, hobbies/interests, names of unchurched friends, and strengths or spiritual gifts.

3. For the coach, providing space to write:
a. His or her personal vision for the groups in care.
b. Goals for the upcoming year.
c. Prayers for each group.

My thought is that by creating a journal for the coach to use when praying for his or her groups, it might support them in a way that no pastor or training resource could offer. It also puts the responsibility for coaching groups squarely into their hands, helping them understand that if they don't support the groups in their care, they may not receive what they need to survive, let alone grow and produce conversion growth and new groups/new leaders.

Have you any thoughts as to whether you'd like something like this for your coaches?

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