First Glance: Satan and His Kingdom

I'll do a full book review on this title when I'm done with it... but I thought I'd share with you what I'm reading and learning thus far...

I'm in chapter 4 and I'm learning a lot how Satan twists truth and offers partial truths. This is a good book for the thinking Christian* who just doesn't know enough about Satan to smell a rat and be proactive to avoid his mental schemes but would like to learn more.

What I'm learning is dovetailing beautifully with the first two chronological Bible stories I memorized for our upcoming Godspeak outreach (which I'll blog about in the coming weeks).

If you're looking for that next excellent book to read, I'd recommend this one. By using the link above to buy it on, you will be supporting TOUCH Outreach Ministries financially (they toss us a buck or so for each copy sold through the link provided).

*a person who actually reads books and reflects on the content and personally applies what is gleaned.

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