Webinars... what would you like to know about?

I'm planning to offer free webinars over the summer months.

The topic ideas I've received thus far in the first comment below. Click it to read what I've collected thus far, and then ADD something!

There's bound to be other topics you'd like to know about. Do comment on this blog entry and let me know which of the above topics would interest you enough to tune in or other topics that are more important to you right now.

I'm all ears (well, I'm all ears this afternoon anyway. I still have a big mouth, but I'll keep it shut!)

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Randall Neighbour said...

A bunch of people have emailed me directly so I thought I'd post the ideas here. Do add to the list!

• How to do prayer groups for the "ungrouped" portion of our church while increasing the prayer component in our groups.

• How to transition from the "Cafeteria Plan" mentioned in chapter two of your new book to holistic small groups.

• How should we be casting the vision for a holistic small group-based church when we're in those early days of planning and experimenting with a prototype group?

• Our groups are not evangelistic. How can we motivate and mobilize them to reach out?

• We have coaches over groups but they don't do much of anything with the leaders or groups. How should we be training them?

• What does well-rounded leadership training look like?

• What hiccups or problems should we watch out for or anticipate as we move from prototyping groups to expanding them for the whole congregation?

• We've been doing cells for a couple of years now. How do we keep them fresh and exciting?

• Incorporating children and youth into small group life and meetings has been very difficult for us to do... the youth balk at involvement but the parents of younger kids holler even louder. What to do?