Clear signs of small group health

Here's a few things I've seen in really healthy small group meetings:

1. No one wanted to leave after the meeting. In fact, the host asked the last person to lock up because they were headed off to bed.

2. A few of the group's members asked for a five minute smoke break after worship.

3. A new guy showed up with a six pack. He only drank one or two beers because he didn't feel like drinking alone... and said he'd never had such a good time when everyone in the room was sober.

4. An unbeliever is hosting the meetings in his or her home.

5. New believers pray aloud for the first time and blurt out, "Satan, you better get the hell out of my life or I'll open up a God-sized can of whoop-ass on you and your demons!"

6. Members of the group interrupt the facilitator and ask if the group could take a completely different direction for the evening because they think they just heard God tell them say something... and they really did hear God because everyone agreed.

7. Laughter. Lots and lots of laughing. During the meeting. Even during prayer.

8. Members of the group are anxious to lead a group one day soon, even though they're not quite ready for that.

9. The children know they are powerful ministers and pray for the adults during ministry time; Parents are not looking for others to babysit their kids while they have some "adult time."

10. The members of the group already know what others will ask for during the ministry time because they spend so much time together between meetings texting, emailing, talking on the phone, and hanging out with each other.

Bonus indicators:

11. The presence of Christ is so powerful that no one speaks or wants to speaks or cares that no one is speaking.

12. The members can't wait to tell everyone at work or school what they learned or experienced at the group that week.

Look at this list carefully. Which one rarely happens or has never happened in your group?

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