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This is yet another powerful quote taken from Walking Together by Liz West and Trevor Withers, which is a little book on discipleship:

"When the Sunday morning sermon is the central point of interest, we select and train leaders on the basis of the gift of teaching. We have lost the sense of shared experience and our communities revolve around meetings."

When your small group members hear the word leader, is their knee jerk response to define it as teacher or one who leads others through a relationship built on trust?

This might just explain why so few small group members in America want to be small group leaders. Not everyone has the gift of teaching and they know it.

Yeah, I know... you've taught them repeatedly that group leadership isn't about being a teacher but a friend—and that's the problem! The leadership paradigms we hold dear but do not realize we possess require a great deal of new experience and dialog to shift.

Thoughts? Comments?

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Iain said...

Yes Randall, I concur with what you have written. And I am not sure that calling cell group leaders by a different name (like facilitators etc) can really shift that mindset. Gotta really challenge peoples mindets on this one....