Fruits and Roots. New thoughts on spiritual warfare

A few weeks ago, I taught a Living Waters session at my local church on temptation and how to keep from giving in to it. This was my second year to teach this material, and I got a lot out of it once again as I taught the group.

As I spoke to the group, something new hit me like a ton of bricks... Shame is always present when I think about my sin or the fruit of a stronghold. I'm never anxious to confess sin, but I do it regularly.

Conversely, when I finally figure out the root of a sinful pattern or habit, I will tell anyone who will listen! Getting down to the root of a problem is really cool and powerful, and I seem to have no shame talking about what's been nagging at me for years on end.

I can clearly see that Satan does not want me to get to the root of my issue so I can receive healing. He wants to keep me in that shameful place of hiding sin... for if I confess it, I may find the root of the problem and by God's power, it will be eradicated and he'll lose precious ground in my mind and heart.

Have you ever thought that Satan pours on the shame for a sin because he knows he can't pour it on later when the root is exposed?

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