Free Pastor's Training in Houston - April 23-24

Twice a year, my ministry holds a free two-day event for lead pastors and their key leaders.

The event is called Making Cell Groups Work and brings great clarity to the transition process (implementing holistic small groups and making the purposeful shift from a church with groups to a church of groups).

Space is limited to 30 persons. Typically, this allows six to eight churches to participate.

If you have interest, now is the time to learn more and call my office to sign up. Details can be found at this page of our web site:

Making Cell Groups Work Pastor's Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will you cover in this pastor's workshop?
The bones of the event surround's Scott Boren's 8-stage implementation process found in the book, How Do We Get There From Here? However, we've learned so much about successful implementation since this book was published that you'll also receive a great deal of naked truth about what makes holistic small groups work and how groups must be prototyped and implemented for organic or natural growth and success. If you wish you could read the book I'm writing, this is a sneek peek at some of the content because I share it in this two-day workshop.

We already have groups. Is this event geared for me and our church?
If you are willing to start over with small group ministry because your groups are not reaching anyone for Christ and the members are just going through the motions of attending meetings, you'll get a lot out of this workshop. If you have groups that are functioning fairly well in the areas of upreach, inreach, and outreach, this is not a good use of your time.

I've just planted a church or will plant one this year. Should I sign up?
Absolutely. The process taught will give you a master game plan of implementation to be a small group-based church.

My lead/senior pastor cannot or will not come with me. Can I still sign up?
Yes, providing we have room for you. What is taught is a top-down strategy to completely change the way your church operates. It will change your calendar and budget and who decides what is on the calendar and how money is spent. Many things that are beyond your control or influence as a staff pastor or lay leader will be discussed. Be forewarned that you may leave the event very frustrated.

How can you do this for free?
While praying for an upcoming Making Cell Groups Work event, the Lord clearly told me that we should not charge for these workshops and pour into pastors and churches freely. We do ask for a freewill offering on the morning of the second day to cover the expenses of the event and support the ministry financially. All donations are tax deductible.

We typically fill every seat for these events, so if you are interested, please sign up NOW and work overtime to bring at least one or two others leaders with you if you can.

I hope to interact with you face to face soon!

Making Cell Groups Work Pastor's Workshop

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