Relational Evangelism. Rebooting for 2009

It's always good to "reboot" your computer from time to time to set everything straight and clear out the "digital cobwebs" from the operating system. I thought I'd do the same with my current thinking and practices about sharing my faith with my unchurched/non-believing friends.

I encourage you to forward this blog entry to your leaders and group members so they too can "reboot" for 2009 and be far more successful in helping friends find a genuine relationship with God through Christ, our Lord!

1. Create a true friendship. The goal is to show God’s unconditional love and be a true friend. Show them you love them regardless of their current or future beliefs and let the Holy Spirit do his work. They’re not a “project.”

2. Be real. Real friends show their weaknesses and are not too proud to ask others for help. Show the person that you want a genuine friendship that is characterized by “bi-directional” servanthood.

3. Cross-pollinate. Involve other believers in your friendship with your unchurched friend. It may be just what the person needs to see what following Christ looks like from different perspectives.

4. Treat them like a Christian if they claim to believe. Many Americans think they’re a Christian because they believe in God’s existence, so don’t hesitate to ask them to pray for you like you would a fellow group member. In other words, call their spiritual bluff and see what happens! This builds contrast for the unchurched person.

5. Give AND take refrigerator rights in the home of your unchurched friends. Many Christians claim to have friendships with the lost, but they rarely have the person in their home or are a guest in the home of the unchurched person. If you want to make a huge impact on a lost person, simply invite them to your house frequently and give them refrigerator rights. When they do the same for you in their home, you have reached a level of relationship that few people have in America... and God will use it powerfully to bring them to the cross. Trust me on this one.

6. Pray for yourself as much as you pray for them. Ask Christ to shine through you in powerful ways and give you his love and vision for your friend (vs. just asking God to convict your friend of their sins!)

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