Small Group Losers vs. Team-based Winners

 I found this picture online from a sports locker room and thought it was worth sharing.

Assembling Christians into small groups where they're encouraged to love one another and love God but not challenged to become a team who reaches their world for Christ and disciples them to do the same is futile.

If group members don't make the shift from small group to team, the group will always degrade into a complacent complaining group of entitled people who say they love God but make no sacrifice to show Him they really do.

Don't let your groups become losers, and whatever you do, don't launch groups that have no choice but to become losers because they have no missional reason to be together! Be a good coach and challenge them to be winners. Will they get mad and tell you you're being pushy? Probably. But people are dying without Jesus every single minute of the day and we can do something about it as pastors over small groups of believers meeting in homes.

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