Free online self-assessment tool to launch discipleship!

TOUCH Outreach is proud to let you know we've created a mobile friendly version of our best-selling self-assessment tool, The Journey Guide for New Christians by Ralph Neighbour.

Please share this link with every pastor you know!

It has been said that if you don't know where you are, you can't go anywhere. That seems to be the case with discipleship as well. To that end, we've invested some ministry money and time to put this incredibly revealing and insightful tool online for anyone and everyone to use. Benefits include:

  • Helps the new believer see the need for discipleship and gives them some personal responsibility to become a self-feeder and move from infant to a child of Christ.
  • Gives the group leader a better understanding of how to minister to the new believer in his or her group.
  • Gives the mentor key insights into how the person they're discipling learns, what they're struggling with, and their current level of basic Bible knowledge.
So my question for you is this: why are you still reading this instead of taking the assessment yourself to see how helpful it will be in your ministry? :)

God bless, and get busy discipling!


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