Victim or Victor?

Each day, everyone chooses to be a victim or victor in one or more areas of life.

A victim…
- Is passive, feeling as if they’ve already failed.
- Is highly resistant concerning personal change.
- Views challenges as unsurpassable brick walls.
- Does not typically set personal goals that are vigorously pursued.
- Works overtime in making excuses for the current situation in which they find themselves.
- Often feels entitled to special treatment and scoffs at victors who are rewarded “unfairly” or seem to get everything they want easily.
- Battles loneliness.

A victor…
- Is active, and chooses to view failures as stepping stones to success.
- Ignores fears surrounding personal change, choosing to adopt change instead of avoid it.
- Views challenges as speed bumps to move over or move past.
- Maintains personal growth goals with milestones for success.
- Works overtime to achieve goals and remain victorious in weak areas of life.
- Enjoys the hard-earned rewards of a victor.
- Attracts new friends easily...because they're not a victim.

Lots of small groups play the victim it seems. They don't make goals. They don't like change. They're passive.

So is your group more a victim or more of a victor?

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