It's been a while since I blogged here. So you'll know I didn't lose my hands in a freak accident and been unable to type, I've been forced to take a hiatus from blogging and writing for about a year now to jumpstart a new career. Not to worry though, TOUCH Outreach is still alive and well! I just needed to create a better income stream so Etna and have some income in our retirement years. As you know, ministry work doesn't pay enough to live AND save for retirement...

But frankly, there's not a lot of new things to say about small groups and cell groups that hasn't already been said here. HOWEVER, there's a lot to read if you're here for the first time. Use the links on the right or the search box to find your topic of interest.

Here are some quick thoughts I've had since I last blogged:

• The vision for Christ-centered small groups meeting in homes instead of rows in a building appears to be something God gave the Christian WORLD, but America has watered down missional living to showing up at a megachurch once a week and attending a self-centered small group meeting midweek for self-improvement. Seems like believers in just about every other country on the planet understand that church is about the presence, power, and purposes of Christ and cell groups are the norm now, not the exception. Thank God he has crushed the traditional religious nonsense sent out by Western missionaries at the turn of the century and the real church survived and has flourished abroad.

• The Boy Scouts of America: Folks, do not be surprised when churches and denominations join the Boy Scouts by compromising their God-given morals to retain their tax exempt status. This decision had nothing to do with being open minded and going along to get along and being accepting of people who don't think like us. This was about money. California would have denied their tax-exept status if they didn't change their policy on GLBT participation. 

Well, that should stir up enough emotion to get some comments, so I'll close there. 

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