Whew! Almost home (literally)

If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook or even here on my blog, you know that Etna and I have been shipping, giving away, discarding, and selling off all the stuff around the TOUCH office and warehouse so we could work out of our home office and ship remotely and print digitally in the future.

Tomorrow's another big moving day, and then we clean out the space and give the keys back to the landlord. Oh what a happy day that will be!

I just gotta go on record and say that Craig's List is one of the best inventions of all time for downsizing. No matter what you have for sale or to give away free, someone in Houston wants it, and they're scouring Craig's List for deals! That's my lesson for the year :)

On August 1st we will be warehouse-free and we will have successfully cut tens of thousands off our fixed operating costs each year without slowing down—we're still in ministry helping churches, still releasing new resources, still filling orders for existing resources, and still anxious to visit with you about your church's small groups or cell groups to help you succeed.

God bless, and we hope to hear from you soon from our new world headquarters (a recently renovated home office!)

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