Six characteristics of a "sickle" small group

How do you know if your group is healthy or sick? Here's six basic things that are signs of unhealthy group life. Any one of them should give you cause for alarm and challenge you to spring into action...

1. The members of a group maintain personal agendas for involvement instead of abandoning these things for what Christ desires to do among and through the them. The metamorphosis from a man-made group to a God-breathed group has never taken place.

2. The leader thinks the group belongs to him or her (not Christ). When this is the case, he or she makes all the plans and does most everything vs. sharing the responsibility/opportunity/role with others (which is well beyond effective delegation).

3. The group (and leader) have no motivating passion to connect with lost people to love them into the kingdom.

4. The group rarely (if ever) sees miraculous answers to prayer (because they don't share needs transparently, pray, and ask God for miracles).

5. The leader has no dream or vision for a legacy of disciples leaders leading new groups. Or if the leader does have this somewhere in the back of their mind, they're not sharing it enough or at all.

6. The members of the group have willfully chosen not to become deep friends with other members of the group.

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