MissioRelate: Update

If you're wondering why I'm so quiet blog-wise these days, it's because I'm engrossed in editing TOUCH's next amazing book, due out at the end of March. I'm taking a couple of minutes away from editing to drop in here on my blog to say...

This is a wonderful book! I'm learning so much from Scott as I edit his chapters. This is going to be a wonderful and helpful book to churches doing holistic small groups, cell groups, and all the other kinds of small groupings formed to do things.

That's right. This book will give you a new understanding about Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and fellowship groups and not see them awful and a waste of time for the participants.

MissioRelate is all about giving people progressive experiences in small group life moving them toward missional living that requires the supportive structure found in the world-class cell-based churches we've read about through the years.

As soon as you can purchase or pre-order this book from TOUCH, you should do it. If it's not one of the best resources you've read on missional church and missional small groups, we'll refund every dime you paid for your copy if you purchase it directly through us, the publisher.


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