In Review: The Calling Journey

Before I read this book, I really thought that my life was a series of mistakes and setbacks from which God rescued me over and over and over. While I still think I've made a lot of mistakes, endured a number of setbacks, and that God--in his mercy--has rescued me repeatedly, I had no idea that the journey to find and live out my life's calling was so similar to many, MANY other people including godly men from the Bible. How refreshing to know that my journey is not all that different and that my struggles were common.

This is one of those books you'll buy and work through yourself, then take others through for many years. It would be especially good for men experiencing a midlife crisis and young people who have concocted crazy ideas about how life works and how God does and does not intervene.

My hope is that your level of personal discovery about how you and God have been partnering to realize your life's calling leaves you speechless as well.

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