Intergenerational Supplement now available

Since the release of TOUCH's Community Life Series of group curriculum, churches have been asking for ways to use the material in groups with children. Well, the wait is over! Click below to check out both the printed and digital edition of a new resource designed to integrate children into the life of a group when using the four key resources in the Community Life series...

Intergenerational Supplement by Daphne Kirk

As the editor of this supplement, I was deeply moved by the level of depth Daphne brought to the Kid's Slot guides in this resource. This is not a guide for baby-sitting or entertaining the kids while the adults are busy applying God's Word in the other room. If you use this resource with your children, the adults will no longer be seen as just "the church of the future"... they'll become a vital, current part of the church of today!

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing this new material! Excited it will be used with the Community Life books.