Wahoo x100!!!!

It's taken three solid months of full days to convert hundreds of titles, but every TOUCH publication that can be digitized has been uploaded to our new shopping cart program and is now available. Check it out:


Our ebooks are a perfect fit for:
• The missionary overseas who doesn't want to pay three times the cost of the books for shipping.
• The environmentally conscious person who prefers digital content.
• The pastor who wants to stretch his or her church's budget and buy and ebook and print it on site.
• Anyone who is frustrated that far too much of their hard-earned money goes to the Post Office or UPS.

If you have further questions about how our ebook system works, you can read more about it HERE.


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Unknown said...

I'll join you in a big WAHOOOOOOO! (Mine is louder than yours.)

It's really cool that readers can now download these books digitally. (Of course, I'm especially excited about the ones I had the privilege to write!) Touch is going green!