Lyman Coleman... A pioneer in the small group movement

One of the co-panelists at tomorrow's free web-based Small Group Summit is none other than Lyman Coleman, who introduced small groups to denominational churches in the 60's and 70's, and is well-known for the Serendipity Bible.

I've heard about Lyman Coleman for many years and always wanted to meet him. Lyman's in his late 70's now, but still full of energy and one of the most wonderful people you'll ever meet. He's a humble man who loves to be with people, tell stories, ask you all about your life, and is that kind of encourager I aspire to be.

If it were not for Lyman, we would probably not share icebreakers to kick off meetings and we might not have caught the whole Bible application thing (versus just studying the text) as quickly.

Tune in tomorrow and check out the summit and hear Lyman, Carl George, and other movers and shakers in the small group world speak frankly about the group life movement, coaching, leadership development, spiritual formation, and more!

I will be addressing intergenerational small group life, answering that age-old question, "What should we do with the kids?"

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Ben Reed said...

When Lyman, or Carl George, speaks, everybody listens. Those guys command such respect because of the wisdom, experience, and expertise they bring to the table.

It's been good to hang out this week, Randall!