Today Apple announced the iPad, a new device that is a way-cool combination of devices. I'm an Apple fan as many of you know, and I've used them for nearly 20 years now.

One of the things folks who buy an iPad will be able to do is download and read electronic editions of books. TOUCH (my organization) has already taken the leap into ebooks with our best-selling titles available on the Kindle through amazon.com.

Next month, we will launch a new web site and offer all our resources digitally. Unlike the Kindle edition (and the iPad editions that will surely come) our ebooks will be printable! Most books will have a single-print license attached to them, but they can be unlocked to print more copies if you need them.

This will no doubt be a great way to read our new books at a discount and read them right away. The pricing is set at 70-80% of the printed version, and as soon as payment is cleared you'll be able to open and print the ebook. No shipping!

Say a little prayer for the USPS and UPS. They're about to lose a lot of business when you get rolling with our ebooks!

Now I have one other little bit of good news for you...

Have you ever thought "I sure wish I could get this book for my group leaders but customize it for the names we use for our groups and leaders"?

Now we can do that for you. It requires some work on our end and the costs have to be covered, but if you buy a number of our books over the course of a year, you'll find that customized ebooks you print as you need them is a great way to go and very affordable.

As technology moves forward, TOUCH is committed to moving forward with it to help you equip and release people for the work of their ministry!

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