falling in love with our protector

This morning I awoke to the sound of gentle rain. Usually, that's as clear a signal to roll over and sleep in a little longer, but not me! Pouring rain means my impossible-to-find roof leak requires a bucket emptying every hour or so in a corner of my attic.

So, I got up, donned a pair of slippers, and went up the attic stairs and emptied the bucket.

Still half asleep, I took my first step down the ladder and whoosh! My feet came out from under me because of those slippery slippers.

Now most folks have one of those Z-shaped attic ladders, but we have a much larger and heavier drop staircase that's even counterweighted. The reason for this is our ceilings are nearly 10 feet tall.

I hit my back and butt all the way down and those same slippers kept slipping all the way to the floor of my home. I groaned and Etna came running after hearing the sounds I made as I fell out of the ceiling.

Thank the Lord, I walked away with just bumps, bruises, and scrapes... and my tail bone is sore.

Why tell you this? Well, the first thing I did when I landed, and even before Etna got there, was to thank the Lord for sparing my life and keeping me from breaking bones or my neck.

Even when we make stupid mistakes (slippery slippers included) our Protector is always in place to catch us.

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