Leader training. What are your non-negotiables?

If you were shopping for a new small group leader training, what topics must be covered for you to be excited about the resource? My short list is as follows:

• Possessing a deep prayer life as a small group leader is vital.
• Learning to become a good listener is another key to unlock the door of success.
• Becoming a genuine friend to one's group members is all-important.
• Helping one's group members "grow up and move out of the house" is a big key to success.
• Mobilizing the members of the group to reach friends for Christ must be a primary goal for a good leader.
• Developing a core team of members who are capable reduces burnout for the leader.

Michael Mack and I have decided to team up and create an all-new small group leader training process for local pastors to use to develop leaders. Your input concerning your likes and gripes with what you're using now and what you wish you could be using would be most helpful!

Just leave a comment and we'll get to work incorporating your "must-have" topics into the overall design!

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