I'm coming down the back stretch

Let me tell you folks that writing books ain't easy. I thought editing and publishing was a lot of work but I now have a newfound respect for those who discipline themselves to write full length books. I'm now writing the conclusion to The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry. Hopefully, my editors will not be too vicious and the manuscript can then move to the next phase of being published.

Friday evening, I've been invited to lead the lifegroup leader's meeting our church holds each quarter for group leaders and core team members. The topic will be spiritual maturity and how to take a self-assessment to see where one is and what to do next to grow. I'm also briefly overviewing accountability and mentoring.

Discipleship is a weak area for my church and especially within our small group ministry, where it is most easily done. And it shows up in many ways... we've got a long way to go with the spiritual disciplines that make for healthy small group members, healthy groups, and a healthier church overall.

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