Ah. What an encouragement!

Today I received a call from a lead pastor who brought me to his small Baptist church in Maryland in February of 2006. Nearly three years to the day, he was discussing prototype groups with his implementation team and decided to call me and ask a few questions about how to launch them the right way.

You know, when I flew home from being with that church, I wondered if the seeds I had planted in the introductory workshop I did on Saturday or the preaching on community I did on Sunday made any sort of difference. Evidently, it did! And knowing that what I sowed three years ago is now being reaped.

As we spoke about the goals of the first prototype group, the implementation team told me they had already set a date for its multiplication. That produced two I just had to ask...

"How do you know you'll achieve all your objectives by early May?" and "If you don't achieve a healthy biblical community that is transforming the members and reaching people for Christ, how will this change your plans for a May multiplication?"

It seems that everyone falls prey to human nature and plans for a flawless execution when it comes to implementing radical change in church life.

A few days ago, I wrote a little article about how to launch groups successfully that deals with the nuts and bolts of prototyping. If you are interested, check it out:

How To Launch Cell Groups Successfully

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