Raising people from the dead, part two

As I watch the progress bar on my laptop to process the video of the interview with the woman who was raised from the dead, I realize it may be days before I can get anything of a manageable size posted to the web for you to view. So, I thought I'd share some more thoughts on this since I've had two weeks now to think about it.

The "unction" to which I referred in my first blog post on this topic begs some explanation. I used this word in particular because it was used to explain something important I learned from the pastor who prayed for dead people and saw them come back to life.

I went to Pastor Opa's village near Monkey Bay in Malawi. When we came into town, he asked us to leave via another way because the main entrance to the town cuts right through the large graveyard, which seems to grow leaps and bounds each year due to AIDS related illnesses and dehydration and malnutrition. Evidently, a young girl died and the all-day funeral services were being performed and we needed to avoid the area out of respect for the family.

It was after this request that I asked Pastor Opa why he didn't pray for the girl to see her raised from the dead.

He said, "I had no unction from the Holy Spirit to do so. We only ask for a miracle when we're urged by God to do so."

How incredibly obvious and obedient. Do what the Father leads you to do, not do it because it's been done in the past or that everyone who dies should be raised from the dead, even if its done when the person is young or we think they were taken from us prematurely.

So, no unction, no prayer for the dead to come back to life. Simple enough.

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions?

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mike said...

Reminds me of the response made by Pastor Cho when asked about the abundant effectiveness of his ministry

"I pray and I obey." Now, if that was only a marketable strategy.........